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A brand new reworks album, staggered in various ep releases, including unreleased original compositions and reflecting the original compositions in new arrangement, re-interpretations by Vikingur and various other artists.

After the success of the previous Bach Reworks Album Vikingur and his Label have embarked on a new album that accompanies the Main Debussy-Rameau Album.

The album features brand new reworks by artists such as Hania Rani, Balmorhea, Hugar, Helgi Jonsson, unreleased originals such as Debussy’s Pour le Piano, Bruyeres and Canope from Debussy’s Preludes cycle. The Preludes „Bruyeres“ and „Canope“ have both been recorded on an intimate upright piano and on a Steinway D, to offer the listener two very contrasting sound experiences. 


1. Bruyères (Home Session)

2. La damoiselle élue (Hania Rani Rework)

3. Canope (Home Session)

4. Footsteps (Helgi Jonsson Rework)

5. Muse d'eau

6. L'entretien des muses (Hugar Rework)

7. K.A.H.D.

8. Reflection

9. Pour le piano, L.95: 1. Prelude

10. Pour le piano, L.95: 2. Sarabande

11. Pour le piano, L.95: 3. Toccata

12. Drowned Haiku (Clark Rework)

13. Canope

14. La Cupis (Balmorhea Rework)

15. Bruyères